All the answer, all the search for what we really want can eventually be found within ourselves.

You are stuck in repetitive patterns, negative emotional behavior and mind loops? or being vaguely unhappy?
Optimizing yourself and “fixing” it, doesn’t work? What a chance to radically change your view! Or explore new approaches that can be unveiled?

All your concerns are welcome!

Take a seat and be with me!  Relax and ease yourself into new experiences.
Find what nourishes you from within.

Arbeitsweisen Inner Source – Ganzheitliches Coaching und Begleitung zur Entfaltung von Innen



I will perceive you mindfully, help you to sink deeper, assist you in recognizing and finding solutions as well as deep nourishment, and eventually help you to anchor and integrate new perspectives.

With methods like:


Hypno(psycho)therapy is a scientifically approved, effective therapeutic method that employs hypnosis as an efficient means.

In using hypnosis and therapeutic trance work I will help you to easily enter a deeply relaxed state. (You will continuously be awake and absolutely responsive).

Your state of consciousness changes, allowing for your mental and physical control to fade into the background enabling your focus to be completely directed towards your inner experience. Your subconscious opens up deepening the access to yourself, towards resources, perspectives and individual creative solutions that seemed inaccessible before.


Clinical hypnotherapy was coined and further developed by the American psychiatrist and psychotherapist Milton H. Erickson.

Through various of his brilliant trance techniques, I will guide you into a mentally and physically relaxed state. Your breathing becomes calmer, muscles start to relax, your thought activity decreases and your stress hormone level drops.  You are continuously awake in a very particular state of consciousness which we call hypnotic trance.

Further characteristics:
– the planning functions of your mind start to subside
– a feeling of relaxation and well-being spreads throughout your body mind
– you notice an increased vividness and intensity of your inner experience: It includes vision, hearing, and kinesthetic perception
– you note an increased capacity for creative imagination, insight and intuition
– you get access to levels of perception beyond usual everyday consciousness
– you may have existential experiences of oneness, stillness, peace.

In this state you remain awake, responsive and can still perceive everything around you. You have full control throughout and may decide for yourself, how deep you want to dive.

Why it works:
M.H. Erickson refers to the positive role of the subconscious as: „almost inexhaustible resource for creative self-healing and self-knowledge“.
It is well known that only a smaller part of the mind is conscious and the rest belongs to the subconscious, a huge memory card with a content that remains hidden in our everyday state, while it significantly determines our life and actions. Where triggers from character fixation, early imprints, or trauma define our actions, there are mainly subconscious processes.
An illustrative example: Scientists have found out, that all of our decisions are already determined long before our conscious mind perceives them.
Now you may realize that we need to address your problems at a deeper level than expected. Your hardly used intuitive knowledge about our own strengths, needs and healing impulses lies dormant in your subconscious mind. Therapeutic trance activates these aspects and makes them accessible to you.

When does hypnotherapy help?
Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in various initial situations, e.g:
Feelings of constant fear, sadness or anger, unexplained physical symptoms (such as headaches, back pain)
agonizing repetitive thought loops
Relationship problems, burn-out symptoms, depression, stress or lack of meaning.
Hypnotherapy helps you with lasting results.

Nature and humour

My personal balm flows in wherever its needed: eg: Nature Dialogue. Visionquest, coaching in motion, healing laughter.

Leela Therapy

This approach works with trauma-informed, therapeutic methods such as clinical hypnotherapy (see above), mindfulness training, the role of a „true friend“, the „enneagram of character fixation,“ and aspects of NLP.


The „Leela School“ is a heart-based, hands-on international school of teachers, trainers and mentors, allowing deep personal insight as well as cutting edge skillful means. The community is devoted to serve truth, love and happiness for all.

The attitude of a true friend
I meet you as a as a „true friend“ with an open heart, and a silent mind, not taking anything personal instead of knowing therapist who „treats you”. I am like a clear mirror to you and a non-judgmental companion with skillful means, that help you, to explore what is arising from your inner wisdom.


Mindfulness training (in the sense of Leela therapy) helps you to perceive yourself more closely and to willingly meet everything that arises – thoughts, body sensations, emotions or deeper experiences.
Unnecessary suffering arises from unfelt emotions and unresolved hurts. Fighting, blaming, or repressing only contributes to the sense of disconnection and feeds the pain.
When it is possible to stop, to face what is showing up – this is a key to transforming a problematic issue.
We will build a loving, mindful and safe place for this process.

Enneagram of Character Fixation
„The Enneagram is the ego made visible“
Eli Jaxon-Bear

The Enneagram is an ancient teaching about human character fixations. It describes various kinds of patterns with which we impede ourselves – as long as we identify with them. When we become aware of the mechanisms of fixation, we can end our painful programs and return to free being.


CoreDynamic is a therapy model that accompanies you on different levels of experience. Mind, emotions and physical body are as important as intuition and „core – experiences“ (e.g. oneness, soul, pure being).

The key experience is:
„The solution of a „problem“ is to be found in much deeper layers than where it initially occurs.“
You will be supported to go beyond beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and expand old horizons, explore solutions and healing impulses layer by layer and integrate them into daily life. 


The CoreDynamik Institute, founded by Dr. Bernhard Mack, is a modern School for integrative training. According to the model of complexity of human experience and learning, different approaches are used: those deriving from modern forms of therapy, like wisdom teachings from various cultures and traditions. Elements of Gestalt therapy, NLP, transpersonal psychology, bodywork, sound, trance induction, shamanic work and meditation are combined to create a holistic approach.

Setting Inner Source – Ganzheitliches Coaching und Begleitung zur Entfaltung von Innen


Individual sessions ~ 60 minutes in English or German.
We see each other either in my practice or online (via Zoom).

Aktuelle Seminare:

Elisa Millonig, Inner Source – Ganzheitliches Coaching und Begleitung zur Entfaltung von Innen

Elisa Millonig

Born in 1969, studied landscape ecology (landscape architecture), worked in planning and consulting.
Meanwhile experienced and learned various psycho- and body-therapeutic approaches. For a long time with the need for healing and „ego strengthening“. Increasingly interested in deepening and „ego transcendence“.

My contact with Ramana Maharshi’s wisdom teachings and the transmission was crucial. Finally I landed at the „Leela School“ with its outstanding teachers and mentors. An international network that lives and passes on wisdom and depth. Through an ingenious training program it makes the fruits available for therapy and counseling

An overflowing glass pours out naturally:
I am happy to be available and offer you space for what you bring with you and for what you really want.

Elisa Millonig, Ganzheitliches Coaching und Begleitung zur Entfaltung von Innen
  • seit 2021:
    Klinische Hypnotherapeutin nach Dr. Milton Erickson, Zertifzierung nach A.C.H.E (bei Eli Jaxon-Bear, Lisa Schuhmacher, Jared Franks)

    American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • 2015 – 2021:
    LeelaTherapie incl. klinische Hypnotherapie, Eneagramm, Achtsamkeitstraining, NLP
    (international, bei E.J.-Bear, L. Schuhmacher, J. Franks)
    laufend: Advanced Leela Therapy, Mentor in Training.

    The Leela School
  • 2013-2020:
    3 Jahresgruppe „lifting the veils“ und Meditationsretreats
    incl. Training in Hypnose, Achtsamkeitstraining, Eneagramm und Methoden aus NLP
    BadenBaden, Amsterdam, Wien (E.J.-Bear, Gangaji, L. Schuhmacher, J. Franks)
  • 2011-2013:
    Methoden-Fortbildung I, II, in tiefenpsychologischer und existentieller Psychotherapie / BITEP (Karen Horney Institut) Berlin, Wien
  • seit 2010:
    Indiv. Befähigung Gewerbe LSBpsychologische Beratung
  • 2007 – 2010:
    3J. Co-Trainerin – Ausbildungsbegleitung CoreDynamik, mit Dr. B. Mack, Freiburg, D.
    Leitung CoreDynamik Institut Österreich, Wien
  • 2004 – 2007:
    3J. Ausbildung CoreDynamik Therapeutin, Dr. Bernhard Mack, Freiburg, D.
  • 2000 – 2003:
    3J. Ausbildung, Gruppenpsychologische Trainerin IOA (Coaching in Bewegung und Natur), Dr. Amesberger und Team, psychologisches Inst. Schmelz / IOA, AUT.
  • 1994-1998:
    Geomantie, Geokultur und Holistic Ecology
    Univ. BOKU Wien, Marko Pogacnik, Dr. Frohmann
  • Studienabschluss 1996:
    Dipl.Ing. Landschaftsökologie und Landschaftsplanung, 10 Semester Universität für Bodenkultur
  • Weitere Fortbildung und Praxis in systemischer Aufstellungsarbeit, Imago, schamanische Trancearbeit und Conscious Dance, etc.

Here it is unnecessary to represent myself. For we are the same in essence. That’s how we meet.

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